Transgender Therapy

Supporting You Through Change


  • “In the few weeks I have been with John I have noticed an incredible difference in both myself and in how I communicate with the rest of the world. Talking with him about all manners of things has been key in helping me start my journey for personal growth. I thoroughly recommend this service to anyone who isn't sure about themselves.”

  • “When I first met John I knew he would be able to help me. Over time he has helped me to find my truth and be comfortable with and proud of who I am. Thank you John for an amazing year full of new insights, reflection, support and teachings. Applying them is not always easy, but you have changed my view on life.”

  • “This is a very good place to find inner peace within ourselves, it does provide very helpful practices to deal with the dysphoria and commencement of the journey of transitioning on solid ground. I would definitely recommend it for any transgender person who seeks excellent therapy sessions and a professional therapist”.

  • “I have been working with Transgender Therapy for a few years now. The sessions I have are every other week they, have helped me grow in myself confidence and my spirituality. Some of the therapy sessions can be mentally demanding and hard to work though. In saying that, the safe and friendly environment that John creates is something I have not been able to ever find anywhere else. Definitely a great place to get help starting or continue your Transgender Journey.”

  • “I have learned so much about myself through working with John. I can now see a whole new level of myself that I didn’t know was there before.”

    Rosemary, Patient
  • “I am doing really well and I’m better than ever, I am doing housework and getting on with my life. Although I still have Fibromyalgia I’m not in pain 95% of the time. I have come off most of my Venlafaxine, only 37.5mg left. Whoop whoop!! I would never have believed it possible, but thanks to you (although I didn’t believe it at the time) feeling great”

  • “I love playing golf, but for some reason, I found that when it came to hitting the ball onto the green my swing failed me and it would take me several attempts. I was sure that this was related to the pressure I put on myself to perform.

    I saw John for hypnotherapy for performance anxiety. After just one treatment my confidence and game improved and by the time I had finished the second therapy session I no longer had an issue.”

  • “I feel as though I have more control over my life, especially personal and relationship issues. Thank you John. I am looking forward to continuing a new (meditation) course next year.”

  • “The healing John has given me has helped me to accept and move on from my past.  I grew up in a less than ideal situation, and I witnessed and went through things that no child ever should.

    Thank you so much, John, may you be blessed.”

  • “Thank you for a great meditation course. You have inspired me and I want to learn more.”

    Nikki S
  • “I had hip replacement surgery in October 2012. Whilst hip replacement is a common operation these days it is also very invasive and I had expected to take up to 6 months to recover fully my mobility. My wife introduced me to John Patching as she had worked with him in a local meditation and hearing course. I had a session with John before i went into hospital and he made a big impression on me. The hip discomfort subsided a lot and i wondered if I had made the right choice to have the surgery! I went ahead with the surgery, left hip replaced with with ceramic. John visited me in hospital after the operation on two occasions and gave me hands on healing. I actually had little in the way of pain killers in those 2 days as I was really not in discomfort and slept well - I believe this is unusual and I put this down to John's healing powers. I left hospital 2 days after the operation as I was able to move with the use of sticks. My scar was pretty awful, being 8 +inches long and stapled and i was concerned about how these would be removed. I is quite amazing how the scar has healed and the doctors have remarked at this being exceptional progress after such an operation. John visited with me 3-4 times once I was at home and convalescing. His healing I believe made a big impact on the speed of my recovery. After 20 days i was back at work, driving and walking with only limited support. Within 3 months I was totally rehabilitated. 
    John was always very professional and made me at ease. As I had never experienced such healing and was a little sceptical I was truly amazed at the effect this had on my progress after such an invasive procedure. I would certainly recommend John to others who are experiencing health or psychological issues. His approach is very calm and reassuring and I was totally at ease with his working with me.”

    Graham R
  • “John has been a brilliant teacher. I have really enjoyed the (Meditation) course and I look forward to next term.”

    M H
  • “This (Meditation) course has really helped me to connect with my ‘higher self’, making me feel more positive and much calmer.”

  •  “I was extremely stressed and anxious about my condition (cancer of the throat and mouth) and after trying traditional allopathic treatments to no avail, with the tumour still growing in size, I just didn’t know what to do. My son knew John and felt I should meet him having received some therapy himself for anxiety.

    John visited me at home twice and his reassuring and calm manner relaxed me and relieved some of the pain heightened by stress.

    It wasn’t long before the specialist decided the only action left was to have a long and difficult operation to remove the tumour from my mouth and throat. The prognosis wasn’t good and I was told that I would have to have a third of my tongue removed and may never speak again.

    As you can imagine the thought of such a procedure with the possibility of losing my ability to speak horrified me.

    I contacted John and he came to see me three times before the surgery working with me on my anxiety and giving me exercises to help relieve stress. He also gave me energy therapy to alleviate some of the pain and reassured me that he would be there for me, both before going down to the operation and once I had come back from recovery.

    John was there for me all the way and I went down to the surgery feeling calm and positive of a good outcome.

    As I came back to the ward John and my wife were waiting for me. My wife was quite relieved to have John there to support her. John’s calming and therapeutic manner set me at ease despite still feeling groggy from the operation. He stayed with me for three hours giving me healing.

    John visited me in hospital two days later having stayed in contact with my wife. He encouraged me to make sounds and attempt to speak, my tongue had been too swollen and I had been too afraid to try before. To my delight, I managed to speak! Starting slowly with basic sentences, but I could make myself understood. The medics and nurses were amazed as all the other patients in the ward who had had similar procedures before mine was still unable to speak.

    I continued to go from strength to strength and within a month my speech was back to normal. I have also now been given the all-clear and am free from cancer. I am convinced that without John the outcome would’ve been entirely different.

    Thank you John for your patience, understanding, reassuring manner and the miracle you performed!”

  • “I was first introduced to Pranic Healing on the 4th May 2006 by John Patching. I had been setting up training equipment for an event I was facilitating when the screen I was moving collapsed, trapping my index finger on my right hand between the main upright and crosspiece. This resulted in me sustaining a half-inch cut across the middle finger joint.

    John immediately supported me to a quiet area, inspected the wound and offered to undertake Pranic Healing which I was completely unfamiliar with at that time. I cannot begin to describe my utter amazement that throughout the rest of the day I required no form of traditional pain-relieving remedies. John continued throughout the day to undertake further sessions that resulted in a reduction in swelling and bruising and amazingly sealing of the wound without stitches or steri strips.

    As a result of John's intervention, I feel confident in saying that I did not have to spend hours in the Accident & Emergency Department, and the only form of intervention I required from my own Doctor was a dressing to protect the finger whilst full healing took place.

    As a result of the healing that I had, I am now left with a scar that is barely noticeable due to me not requiring more invasive treatment to close the wound.”

    Vanessa F