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You've ticked life's boxes - what's next?

So, you've got a job, married, got a house and had children? But this hasn't ticked all YOUR boxes? Why not? Because you're different. Being different isn't a problem - think of it as being unique. Ok, so this doesn't help. What if I told you that according to the last statistical records endorsed by the Home Office, 'the median age at which trans people first visited their GP to discuss their Gender Dysphoria has been rising and is currently 42' (Gender Variance UK Report. GIRES - 2009). This means that most people who are Trans only discover they are in later life, so you are not alone. It is quite common to re-assess your life and who you are when you are older.

Let's talk straight here. Society's expectations are not everything, and if you think about it, if you lived how you feel you are expected to live, life would be pretty dull. From my experience, life is all about really living, knowing who you are and being yourself. Not living for everyone else, but living for YOU. If you can't be who you are then who can you be?

Living for yourself doesn't mean being selfish or self-obsessed, it means understanding who you are and being true to who you are. If you are true to yourself, then what you give out to others is truth and integrity. Living a double life of lies and deceit, bread lies and deceit. 

If you are feeling that your gender is affecting who you are, I can help.