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Sexuality and Gender – A Journey of Discovery

Personal Stories
Tell me a bit about yourself and your background? I was born in 1959, in Newbury, Berks, a male. The eldest of three I was brought up in the staunch upper-middle-class traditions of the 60s and 70s. This meant single-sex schooling, boarding from...

How we see ourselves is what makes us who we are.

Other Transgender Articles
How we brand ourselves and see ourselves is often what we become. We evaluate the status of a behaviour (something we do) into an identity (who we are). People who have an addiction whether it is smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling, tend to label th...

Gender identity and the big questions that have yet to be answered

Transgender News reports
Few questions in science are as fraught as those around gender. At worst, politics deter researchers and funders and leaves people needed to take part in studies feeling wary. As a result, most of the answers science has provided are on the less c...

Meet the gender reassignment surgeons: 'Demand is going through the roof'

Transgender News reports
The problem, according to Phil Thomas, is this: there are simply not enough people in Britain who know how to make a vagina. “We need more surgeons,” the urologist said from the private Nuffield hospital in Brighton. “In March I received 24 new r...

A brief understanding of Transgender

Other Transgender Articles
This article has been written with a medical understanding of what it is to be Transgendered and is not a personal account. Each individuals personal understanding of being Transgendered will be different. However, this does not invalidate their o...

A Parent of a Trans Child

Personal Stories
It can be very lonely and difficult as a parent supporting a child who is possibly Transgendered. I feel that although this article was written some time ago, by Janna Barkin, it gives an informative and heartfelt rendition of a parents story. Fo...