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Confused? What's best for my child?

As a parent you have put your life into bringing up your child, they are literally part of you. How could this happen and what has gone wrong? There isn't even a medical explanation as to the cause of Transsexualism.

You have done nothing wrong and it is not your fault that your child is struggling with their gender identity. 

Gender Dysphoria affects not only the individual but all who surround them; their parents, all of their family and social group. Being the parent of a child who realises they are not their birth gender means a lot of adjustment for all. The feelings of confusion, loss, being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do for the best, are quite natural feelings. It is very important that your own emotional and psychological well being is taken into consideration as well as the welfare of the person who is experiencing Gender Dysphoria. By acknowledging your own feelings and having to support yourself you will be stronger and more able to support the people around you.