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Do you think you could be Transgender?

For many Transsexuals an awareness of a disconnection between physical sex and gender identity is experienced when young. For example the urge to wear the opposite gender's clothes; a preference to play with girls' toys if you are a boy, or boys' toys if you are a girl; and maybe, even a lack of understanding of the children of your own gender.

When moving into puberty and adulthood, these feelings of disconnection with their physical gender can be extremely distressing. Quite often a feeling of having to conform to the expectations of others, means they feel they have to develop a 'façade' of their physical gender and a performance is created. 

The last Transgender population figures were conducted by the Office For National Statistics in 2009. However since then GIRES – Gender Identity Research and Education Society – estimated that in 2011 around 650,000 people in the UK “experience some degree of gender nonconformity”. That’s 1% of the population.

With the increase of public awareness of this condition and better medical treatment available I would consider these figures are vastly outdated.

You need compassion and empathy. I can give you that understanding and support you need to transition successfully