• Supporting You Through Change

  • Are you confused and unsure who you are?

  • Do you feel different and find it hard to ‘fit in’?

  • Maybe you are struggling on – but life is feeling more and more like a play that is happening around you and that you are viewing from afar.

  • Are you feeling disconnected from your physical gender?

  • Do you feel isolated and alone?

I don't want to be who I am?

I don't want to be who I am? Starting out and leaving the safety of 'Home' is both exciting... 

I'm over 36. What's my gender?

So, you've got a job, married, got a house and had children?

Confused? What's best for my child?

As a parent, you have put your life into bringing up your child... 

What is Transgender/Gender Dysphoria?

The word Transgender or Transsexual refers to an individual who is transitioning between genders. Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria is the medical condition.

Do you think you could be Transgender?

For many Transsexuals an awareness of a disconnection between physical sex and gender identity is experienced when young. For example the urge to wear the opposite gender’s

Are you supporting someone who is Transgender?

Although there are support groups out there for people who are Transgender, there isn’t, as yet, much support for the family and friends of those who are transitioning

I would like to introduce myself to you.

Hello. My name is John Patching and I am a professional Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Meditation Tutor. I have also had the experience of transitioning from the female gender to becoming male.

I am going to be completely honest with you and say that the transition from one gender to another is not an easy path. It is not a choice; it is a necessity in order to become a whole person. It involves a journey of discovery that encompasses all that we are Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. However, I consider this path to be both enlightening and transformational. An opportunity to become consciously aware of who we are in a way that most people struggle to achieve.

I began my transition 20yrs ago when little was known about Gender Dysphoria. Male to Female Transsexuals were considered an extension of drag queens and Female to Male Transsexuals were unheard of. Fortunately, a lot has changed since then; there have been great medical advancements of both treatments and surgical procedures; laws have changed; and there has become public awareness and acceptance of the condition. However, there is still a distinct lack of therapeutic support and emotional understanding. It is for this reason that I believe I have been called to help and support both people who are going through this change and their families and friends.

By combining my personal understanding of Gender Dysphoria and my professional knowledge, I can provide a specialist therapeutic approach that takes into consideration the Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual needs of each client. I am here to help and support you during your time of change.

I offer my services online via skype, which means we can speak in the comfort of your own home.

John Patching BA Hons, D.Hyp, C.Hyp, GQHP, CNLP Practitioner, (CNHC, GHR, GHSC)

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