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Are you beginning to explore the world and how you fit in?

Starting out and leaving the safety of 'Home' is both exciting and daunting, but if you are unsure of your Gender Identity it can be really confusing. I can remember when I left home - I thought I knew everything and couldn't wait to get away from the 'restraints' of my parents. In fact, this was just the beginning of a journey of discovery that was unlike anything I had ever known, or anyone around me had ever known. 

It is great that we live in such a diverse world, but this also means there are a lot more choices to make! How you dress; how you behave; who you mix with; what your interests are; all these choices make a difference to your life. Yeah, you know this, right! But this doesn't help how you feel right now?

If you are feeling that your gender is affecting who you are, I can help.