• Transgender Therapy
    • Supporting You Through Change

    • Are you confused and unsure who you are?

    • Do you feel different and find it hard to ‘fit in’?

    • Do you feel isolated and alone?

    • Maybe you are struggling on – but life is feeling
      more and more like a play that is happening
      around you and that you are viewing
      from afar.

    • Are you feeling disconnected from
      your physical gender?

Are you supporting someone

Although there are support groups out there for people who are Transgendered, there isn't, as yet, much support for the family and friends of those who are transitioning.

It can be a confusing and painful time supporting someone who is Transgendered. Although your priority is to help them, it can be difficult to understand what they are going through and also cope with your own thoughts, emotions and feelings.

I understand how difficult it can be to emotionally let go of the person you thought you knew and embrace the change and development of the person you love. I feel it is just as important to support you as it is the individual who is transitioning.

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